Coming Together to Heal.

Ongoing Projects

Trauma Recovery Initiative Project (May 2023- May 2024)

Trauma Recover Initiative Project has been launched by Sajha Dhago in collaboration with Tides Foundation, USA (Movement Support and Covid-19 Relief Fund). This project supports the recovery of lasting psychological well-being from sexual gender-based violence. In this project, needles, threads, and small pieces of wasted cloth are used artistically to create a story cloth, which helps the individuals to reduce their trauma. This project is being implemented in Ward 23 and 25 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward 2 of Kirtipur Municipality and Ward 9 of Suryabinayak Municipality. The initiative is carried out in conjunction with each municipality’s local administration. Through this project, Sajha Dhago hopes to assist girls and women who have experienced abuse in healing their trauma, lowering their stress levels, and effectively managing their stress. The projects aim to reduce the problem and the victim themselves is unable to come openly for treatment due to social stigma. The aim is to help self-regulation, self- awareness, stabilization, self-care, empowerment, and healing.

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