Coming Together to Heal.

Media Coverage

Sajha Dhago was founded in March 2022 to support women who are victims of various forms of abuse, violence, sexual gender-based violence, and trauma. The organization’s local psychological counselors have been engaged in intensive training and implementing healing circles for women. Our counselors have been able to respond to the overwhelming needs of survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and the LGBTQI+ community’s persecuted members.

Sajha Dhago has launched Sajha Dhago intervention, an art-based trauma healing intervention in ward 20 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan city where the women shared their story using needle, threads and wasted pieces of cloths. “Lately, the common people have been experiencing some sort of mental stress. People do not know how to handle mental stress while they are experiencing it in any way. So, in order to manage such stress artistically, this intervention has been put into place in Ward 20 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan city”, member of Ward 20 Shova Devi Manandhar said. Sajha Dhago has been successful in healing survivors of domestic abuse and sexual gender-based violence.

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