Coming Together to Heal.


Sajha Dhago Closing Ceremony and Exhibition Program

An exhibition was held by Sajha Dhago on March 10, 2023 with the presence of distinguished guests, key stakeholders, other participants at a closed door invitation program at Maruhiti, Kathmandu. Ms. Sunita Dangol, the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mr. Macharaja Maharjan, the Chairperson of Kathmandu Ward No. 23, as well as the representatives from UNICEF, UNHCR, UMN, and local governments were among the 200 guests who attended the exhibition. Dolls and story cloths created during the sessions by the participants were exhibited along with the presentation of the major works done by Sajha Dhago in the past year. This exhibition highlighted the need of scientific therapeutic approach along with the incorporation of traditional practices of knitting and sewing in the process of trauma healing.

Ms. Sunita Dangol, the Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, praised Sajha Dhago for creating a safe space for the survivors of trauma to share their pains, sufferings, and experiences.  Mr. Devendra Ale and Ms. Shanta Ale’s, few of the distinguished guest who attended the exhibition, provided their feedback of the Sajha Dhago exhibition “We were very much impressed to witness the needle and thread work created by the participants who had attended Sajha Dhago training program. The participants’ creations were displayed on Sajha Dhago program on 10th March 2023. We would like to congratulate the chairperson of Sajha Dhago Mrs. Jamuna Maharjan for organizing such an outstanding training program in the community of Kathmandu in order to make common people aware of mental health issues and how one can release deep traumatic experiences through making story cloth.”

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