Coming Together to Heal.

About Us

Sajha Dhago is a non-profit distributing company established in 29th March, 2022. It provides a unique group (recovery) program for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, natural disasters, war/conflict, and displacement. It incorporates traditional practices with current trauma-based treatment which allows access to treatment and flexibility in a variety of cultural contexts for trauma victims.

Sajha Dhago provides a way for survivors of various forms of violence and trauma to regain deep and lasting psychological well-being.. The survivors of violence and traumatic events may be experiencing psychological and emotional pain from the violence even after many years of silence. Sajha Dhago helps them to heal and thrive again!

What We Do

Our program is based on neuroscientific as well as socio culturally appropriate intervention which is originally developed by Common Threads Project (CTP), USA. It runs the sessions among the traumatized group of people by uniting the tradition with best activities from trauma informed therapy, bodywork, and psychoeducation.

Our trained clinical group under our supervision forms therapy groups of 15 to 20 people who have experienced Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV). These people then undergo 14 sessions of therapy process which involves the creation of a story cloth as well as traditional art based trauma therapy interventions. These group of people provides mutual support and safety and enables the multi-dimensional work of trauma recovery.

Our History

In 2014, Common Threads Project was piloted to serve refugee populations in Nepal. It was supported by UNHCR and organized by Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Nepal. Nepali mental health staff have been trained, supervised and mentored to become group facilitators with level of high expertise. Over the past 9 years these specially trained Nepali clinicians have become a Center of Excellence for this unique methodology. We have conducted circles to serve populations in need including refugees communities in Nepal, earthquake affected women, sexually exploited girls and women, teen girls and women who have endured sex trafficking, forced and early marriage, and other forms of SGBV and persecuted members of LGBTQI+ community. We have witnessed evidence-based outcomes such as significant symptom reduction, improvements in functioning, reductions in shame and stigma, and building of community. Sajha Dhago was officially established in 29th March, 2022 to support more people at the community level.

Board of Directors

Jamuna Maharjan Shrestha

Contact No.: +977 9841115201
Designation: Chairperson

Bina Maharjan

Contact No.: +977 9840050988
Designation: Board Member

Sujen Man Maharjan

Contact No.: +977 9861340812
Designation: Secretary

Jug Maya Chaudhary

Contact No.: +977 9849256074
Designation: Board Member

Suresh Maharjan

Contact No.: +977 9841667146
Designation: Treasurer

Suraj Ratna Shakya

Contact No.: +977 9818911270
Designation: Board Member

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